biography: Pinelopi Loizidou


What I really love about them... is the fact that they tell a story...

I can never look at a pair of shoes... without trying to figure out the woman who wears them. Does she work? Is she single?

Is she a free spirit? Is she happy?...

I look at them and I imagine the woman rising out of them... kissing someone... falling in love... rushing to work....

dancing, as she is whirling and twirling gracefully....

fighting for her dreams!



Every woman has a secret. Stories she wants to keep only

for herself.

A handbag is the place where she can hide her secret world. This handbag must be unique and beautiful, just like her.

It must be a part of her character and her way of living.


I design little stories!











2010 “On Foot” private exhibition, Nicosia Cyprus

2011 Virtual shoe museum (with permanent exhibits)

2012 Leipzig Germany, Grassi museum

         “stepping into the limelight”

2013 Berlin, “What About Shoes” Berlin fashion week

2014 Basel Switzerland, Spielzeug Welten Museum

         “History under your feet”

2014 “Art for Love” charity event for Karaiskakion Foundation,  

           Nicosia Cyprus